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What we do

Selling your product should be your priority.

Let us bring the clients to you!

Undrcut Digital Marketing is a Singapore-based digital marketing agency that works with clients both locally and globally. We provide you with cutting edge strategies to outrank your competition on Google, get your products or services in front of your target audience and double or even triple your current sales.

How are we different?


We only work with one business per profession per geographic location. This means that when you choose to work with us, we will not take on your competition, no matter how much money they offer us. This allows us to dedicate our maximum resources to your campaign and not have a conflict of interest.

No Long-Term Contracts.

We do not lock our clients into long contracts. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships. If you are no longer happy with our service, you can cancel at any time and go your own way.

Personal Attention.

We provide a very transparent service and are always happy to set appointments with you for Skype calls or phone-calls whenever you need them with one of our team members.

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Our Full Range of Services

The team have more than 20+ years of experience collectively with search engine optimization, media buying and social media marketing, we are confident in bringing you leads so that you can focus on the things that need your attention: business development and client management. 

Monthly SEO Ranking Services

We take complete control of your website’s SEO performance and deliver a monthly programme of link building and onsite SEO. You’ll get a bespoke monthly strategy, with a roadmap and estimated timescales to achieve planned goals for increases in keywords, traffic and revenue. We’re always available to answer your questions about the campaign and our reporting is extremely thorough and clear to understand.

Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords goes hand-in-hand with it’s counterpart, SEO. Google Adwords works in the short run to kick start your sales and lead generation. This also allows us to collect data and optimize your landing page for better conversions.

We monitor our campaigns on a daily basis, and continue to search for more relevant keywords with higher buyer intent, but a lower CPC (cost per click) to reduce the overall cost of the campaign, while improving the conversion rates.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is an amazing platform to drive cheap, relevant traffic to your site, and it is so much more than just hitting that “boost” button. We run a combination of various campaigns to help increase brand awareness, general outreach, and also drive leads and sales directly to your website. Coupled with complex A/B testing of various ad copies and creatives, we work towards optimizing an extremely profitable campaign for you.

Social Media Content Marketing

We understand that the main aim of marketing is to increase sales. However, building a stronger brand and engaging with your followers helps to increase the life-time value of each of your customers. We consult with our clients with regard to their vision for their brand, advise them and help to plan out creatives on a content calendar, and assist in propogating their posts to reach, and build, a larger audience.

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Here’s what our clients say about us:

“We’ve worked with Gabriel and his team on more than 10 projects now and have generated over $10 million in property sales from their services. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with.”

Shawn T / International Real Estate Firm

“Have been working with Gabriel and his team for almost 2 years now, and we are very satisfied with the services provided. They are very professional and service oriented, deliver on time and are very responsive when I have had any questions or concerns.”

Kevin C / Aesthetic Doctor

Gabriel definitely knows his stuff when it comes to marketing. Our only problem is that we are getting too many leads!

Anthony W / Events Management Company

“There are a lot of people out there who claim to know SEO, but don’t. Gabriel and his team are highly responsive and accountable for what they do. The rankings and traffic just gets better every day.

Augustine C / Educator

The Core Team

Know who you are working with!

Gabriel Sim
Founder, CMO

Gabriel has over half a decade digital experience as an agency in-house and freelance marketer. He heads the SEO & Marketing team and leads on client strategy.

Tom Fu
Partner, COO

Tom is a marketer and trainer. He manages in-house operations, trains our new staff, and leads alongside Gabriel in business direction & development.

Stephanie Bay
Happiness manager

With over 5 years of experience as a relationships manager & marketer, Steph works ties our clients to the team, to make sure everyone is happy.

Zachary Loke
SEO executive

Zachary specialises in SEO, and has worked  on successful projects for numerous clients. He manages the SEO team and makes sure our high standards are being met.

Shaun Tan
lead creative

As a writer and photographer, Shaun takes the lead on creative projects. He won the Canon Photo Face-off 2 competition and has his work featured numerous times in various publications.

Lucas Kang
creative executive

Lucas has a deep passion for videography & directorship. He primarily works on video creatives for our projects which include advertisements, documentaries, & more.

Bertrand Tee
creative executive

Bertrand has a wealth of experience handling creative projects from his time in an Advertising firm. His specialty lies in illustrations and minimalistic designs.

Felix Sim
external business advisor

Previously the President of the Singapore Business Association in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and no stranger to marketing himself, Felix advises the company in business development.

Discuss your Marketing with one of our strategists

Still Considering?

here are 3 more reasons why you should go with us.


We invest thousands of dollars monthly in keeping up with the latest strategies and developments in the digital marketing space.

This is incredibly important because a strategy that is working now may not work 6 months from now, and we feel that it is our duty to stay ahead of the curve so that we can keep getting you the results you pay us for.

Results Oriented.

The main objective of marketing is to make additional profit for every dollar you put in. We understand this and are no different from you.

While projects require a reasonable time frame to attain results, it is important to us that we work together with our clients towards making them $2-3 or even more, for each dollar they put into marketing.


Your project will be set up on our organised project management system called Basecamp, where communication will take place after your project starts, and where you’ll receive your regular progress updates, monthly in depth reporting, regular strategy planning, and general consultation.

Are we a good fit?

Before we consider working together we need to determine if we are a good fit. We will only take you on as a client if we genuinely believe we can improve your marketing and help you generate a healthy ROI on your marketing budget.

Please use the form below to schedule a free consultation session with our team where we will evaluate your current digital marketing strategy, provide you with ways to improve and determine whether we are a good fit to work together. (This won’t cost you a single penny)

Ready for a serious boost in traffic and rankings?

Demand is currently very high for our boutique team of specialists and so there are limited places available for new clients. Please contact us with as much information about your website as possible and we’ll get back to you quickly with an assessment of your website and whether our team will be able to take your campaign on.

Due to exclusivity and our high expectations for results, we only work with websites where astronomical growth is achievable. For this to happen, we would recommend prospective clients to have a budget of at least $2000/month for SEO, and $3000/month for PPC Advertising (Facebook & Google Adwords).